alloy acrylic diamond shoe buckles

Alloy acrylic diamond shoe buckles

Tie dye fleece

Tie Dye Fleece

pastel color acrylic buckles shoe decorative chain

Pastel color acrylic buckles shoe decorative chain

sewing thread

Sewing thread

Yixing Export is a Footwear Accessory Supplier of Leather and Fabric, Buckles and Trimmings, Webbing and Elastics, Sewing Threads, Semi-finished Uppers, Sole Molds, Shoe Lasts, etc.

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Market Sourcing

We have huge collection of factories in shoe material and accessories all over China to provide efficient and fair quotation.

Product Examining

We have an experienced team to do product examining. Knowing the products well helps us to do better job on quality assurance.

Aftersale Service

We appreciate your feedback and complaints.
Treasuring our reputation makes us reliable business partner.

Main Products

Shoes In Stock

Lady shoes, Kids Shoes, Winter Slippers



cloth, fleece, artificial furs, Lining



Chains, Decorative trimmings


Webbing, Elastics, Velcro

Webbing, Elastics, Velcro


Chains, Decorative Trimmings

Chains, Decorative Trimmings

Sole Molds

Sole Molds

Sole Molds

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